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Optimizing Laboratory – Digital Pathology

Pathology and laboratory medicine must quickly provide not only the right answer, but the best answer, the first time, every time. Reimbursement models have been evolving to support this paradigm shift. Pathology consultations are also being reimbursed as secondary interpretations of surgical specimens.

A digital pathology platform in laboratory offers ready access to your pathology cases anywhere and anytime. There is no need to dependent upon the risky, time-consuming movement of glass slides and paperwork to consult on a case, prepare for tumor board conferences or perform QA. This freedom can result in improved productivity as well as savings from consolidating labs across your healthcare system. Ultimately, with better access to pathology subspecialists, you will likely see improvements in diagnoses.

Moving to whole slide image technology for routine applications may appear complex. But work must be done simultaneously in the imaging system software to access the specimen information, the patient’s clinical information, and the whole slide image itself.  Working within multiple systems with multiple scanners can create barriers that deter you from fully taking advantage of your digital pathology platform.

Image Platform simplifies work platform

Using a platform that can view and manage images from any scanner allows the pathologist to retain a slide repository independent of your scanning device. An interface between the image platform and the software used allows case information to be electronically linked to the whole slide images of a case. Slide images and case data are all available within a single system.

With the help of a platform, designed to support a collaborative workflow, pathologists can share their cases digitally through the use of private networks. Whether for quality assurance activities, intradepartmental consultations, or presentations, you can view and collaborate with your colleagues using the system’s instant messaging feature and synchronous viewing capability.

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