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Models Offered

Model Number Size
 RB500i   5 Feet
 RB600i   6 Feet
 RB700i   7 Feet


Back draft Premium Grossing Station

Backdraft Premium Grossing Station uses backdraft ventilation system to extract formalin spills and harmful fumes that comes out of the specimens. Apzem’s Backdraft Premium grossing station focuses on ergonomics, workflow and convenience.  This uses the most modern concept such that it can guarantee pollution and formalin free air in the breathing zone of the user. It can be easily connected to the in-house extraction system.

Technical Specification

Unique Features

  • Smart Grossing Station : Wifi Enabled Smart Grossing Station with integrated formalin level monitoring system with health effects table.
  • Intelligent Blower Operation : Blower operates automatically based on the concentration of the formalin fumes.
  • Demand Based Ventilation : The suction force is modulated as needed.
  • Geo-Fencing : Based on the user Presence the workstation can be automatically turned on or off.
  • Safe Lab Environment : Since the formalin concentration is monitored continuously, Apzem’s smart series grossing station ensures safe and formalin free laboratory environment.
  • Visual Alert :  Theme Color of the Formalin Monitoring system changes based on the concentration of the Formalin in the laboratory.
  • 50% Energy Saving : Demand Based operation of the workstation helps in saving energy upto 50%.
  • Wireless Connectivity : Apzem’s smart series Grossing Station can be connected with any wifi enabled device and data can be accessed in excel format with autogenerated graph. 
  • Fully automated feather touch controls.

Technical Features

  • Construction: All Stainless steel Construction made of 16 Gauge (1.2mm) SS 304
  • Ventilation: Inbuilt ventilation system capable of removing all formalin fumes from work top and from Technician’s breathing zone
  • Disposal Unit: Medium capacity 0.45 HP waste disposal unit.
  • Fume Removal : Backdraft Fume Extraction system
  • Certification: CE Certified.
  • Height Adjustment: 40mm height adjustable leg for accurate leveling of work surface

Standard Features

  • Polyethylene Dissecting Board for Dissecting and for Photography.
  • Sink with Cold water Faucet
  • Hand spray setup.
  • Removable perforated worktop.
  • Powerful LED Lighting
  • C-Fold paper towel Holder.
  • Magnetic Tool holder.
  • Cleanable Pre Filter to remove fine particles.
  • Transparent Acrylic air deflector panel.
  • Writing pad for pathologist.

Optional Features

  • Shelf for storing containers.
  • Hand rinsing assembly.
  • Provision for mounting splash shield and adjustable camera holder
  • Provision for Monitor holder, CPU holder and Keyboard Holder.
  • Separate provision for File holder.
  • Additional self contained exhaust blower for Increased suction.

Applied Fields

  • Macroscopy
  • Anatomy
  • Pathology
  • Necropsy
  • Histology
  • Toxicology

Product Advantages 

  • Large working space –  Multiple instruments and   immobilization gadgets for bone grossing manipulations
  • Enforced by solid stainless steel – Support heavy duty equipment and intensive mechanical work
  • Additional work space –  For instruments and gadgets   on hand
  • Intensive backdraft with   high removable perforated exhaust panels – Direct flow of aerosol loaded bone dust
  • All open surfaces on the   table and beneath – Effective cleaning of   blood, bone and soft tissue fragments

Other Features

Product Description

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories


Installation Photos

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The modern grossing stations definitely serve the purpose to be in compliance with regulations of exposure to formaldehyde and other chemical in the grossing room. In general, they are convenient for routine work in grossing rooms with adjustments of height of the table, accessible water, and shelves for supplies.Ventilation at the working position provides air extraction directly back through the table, removing odor and fumes as close to the source as possible. Offers maximum safety and prevents technician from inhaling contaminated air.

The innovative Back Draft Technology helps eliminate odor and controls harmful pathogens, ensuring the highest possible level of clinical effectiveness.All our products not only meet the existing health and safety standards, but also we exceed them thus maintaining maximum protection for the technician working with our product.

  • Heavy duty Commercial Disposal unit.
  • Polyethylene Dissection Board
  • Formalin Collection system
  • Ventilated Trash Cabinet.
  • Organizer Bin
  • Additional power Socket and Switch.
  • Pullout writing pad
  • Mobile storage cabinet with draw arrangement for storing.

  • Magnifying Lamp fixture for mounting 3 axis adjustable magnifying Lamp
  • Pull out writing pad with storage
  • Air Velocity Monitor
  • CPU Mounting Bracket
  • Digital Weighing Scale and Measuring Scale.
  • Formalin monitor
  • Compact storage box with lock and key
  • Additional self contained exhaust blower for Increased suction.

CE Certified 

The Apzem Grossing Workstation is warranted for 1 year with the consumable part and accessories.